Growth Strategy Labs has a goal to help business owners and their companies create $1B of enterprise value in aggregate by the end of 2022. We do this by helping companies get more practical about growth and growth strategy, including assisting them in developing winning growth strategies and implementing the Effective Growth Strategy™ method. Through our online tools, community, coaching, and advisory services, we help these companies attain sustainable, profitable growth.


Most companies have 70-80% of the knowledge they need for a successful growth strategy, they have ideas and market knowledge, they just need help knowing how to think about it and what to do with it.


That is where the Effective Growth Strategy method and the Growth Strategy Playbook™ .


Any company can download the Growth Strategy Playbook and start using it to start building an Effective Growth Strategy. Growth Strategy Labs can help through education, workshops and advisory and consulting services.

Meet our founder and Chief Growth Strategy Advisor.

Grant W. Hunter

Founder and Chief Growth Strategy Advisor

Grant is a growth strategy and product management advisor, coach, and educator who helps companies attain sustainable, profitable growth and increase enterprise value through effective market-focused strategy.

As an executive, he led product teams and P&Ls responsible for delivering over $150m in net growth and consistently increasing profitability. As a consultant, he has helped companies ranging from the Inc 5000 to the Fortune 1000 develop market-focused capabilities, processes, and strategies that accelerate their income, profitability, and market share. Over ten years of consulting, nearly 100 % of his clients re-engage for additional work.

Grant was an instructor for the market-leading product management training company Pragmatic Marketing and a highly-rated Marketing lecturer in the MBA program at Rutgers.

He is a Co-Author of the Quartz Open Framework, an open-source growth and innovation methodology, and Co-Founder of Product Growth Leaders, a community for product leaders, coaches, and advisors.

Grant has a BS in Analytical Management from Juniata College and an MBA in Strategy and Business to Business Marketing from Penn State University.

He lives in Yardley, PA, with his family.


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