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Using EOS and Effective Growth Strategy Together

If you and your company have invested in implementing EOS, congratulations! You are part of a large movement that is transforming business performance.

The first component of EOS is Vision, and the Vision/Traction Organizer (VTO) is a foundational tool.

If you have completed and are using a Vision/Traction Organizer, there is no need to re-create the wheel in the Core Strategy Canvas. You already have everything you need.

When scoring growth opportunities on the Growth Strategy Canvas, simple make the following substitutions:

Core Strategy = Core Focus

Core Market = Target Market/"The List"

Core Differentiation = Proven Process + Guarantee + Three Uniques

Core Goals = 10-Year Target, 3-Year Picture, or 1 Year Plan (depending on where you want your focus to be).

If you want to talk more about how Effective Growth Strategy and the Growth Strategy Playbook complements EOS, schedule a call.

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