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Make It an Ongoing Process

As we stated in What is Effective Growth Strategy™ ?  It is both a plan and a process, and the process part represents both the initial process of building a Effective Growth Strategy™ , but also the ongoing process of managing and evolving it.

Effective Growth Strategy is a living document and an ongoing process. 

The foundation elements of Define Your Core and mapping your Playing Fields may only need to be reviewed and updated as part of an annual planning process.(Of course, if major disruption is happening in your products and markets, perhaps you review them more often.)

On an ongoing basis you should be continually be learning about your Playing Fields and evaluating new Growth Opportunities.  Quarterly you should review and update the Action Plans from your growth strategy based on your learnings and results, add the new Growth Opportunities to your prioritized list, and confirm your focused growth strategy for the next Quarter with updated Action Plans.

If you are interested in a straightforward and simple approach to Effective Growth Strategy check out the Growth Strategy Playbook™  which was developed around these elements with simple, easy to use tools and templates that help you develop a successful growth strategy.

If you want to explore how you can turn create an Ongoing Growth Process, schedule a call.